Is MySpace Music Going to Launch or What?

    September 16, 2008
    Chris Crum

Yesterday MySpace announced the advertisers that will be involved with MySpace Music, and the hype surrounding the site is certainly out there (I think I’ve done my part). Meanwhile, the launch date seems to drift back and forth from clear to unclear.

Initially, MySpace Music was said to be launching sometime before the end of the month, and there is still time for that. Reports surfaced however, indicating a Monday (yesterday) launch date. That didn’t happen, but reports shifted to indications of a Thursday launch – two days from now.

Chris DeWolfeSilicon Alley Insider is now reporting, however, that sources told them the launch may be pushed back even further. Speculation as to the causes of the holdup include the lack of a CEO for the MySpace Music business and the holdout of EMI, the major label that MySpace is still hoping to get signed on for the project.

Both of these could very well be factors, but if a recent conversation between MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe and TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington at TechCrunch 50 is any indication, MySpace Music will still be launching in September. That means CEO or no CEO. EMI or no EMI. It’s starting to feel like they will wait until the very end of the month, just to have a little more time for these things to fall into place, but unless DeWolfe intends to backtrack on his words, "We are launching no matter what this month," means just that.