Is it Time To Create A Terrific Home Office?

    February 3, 2003

One of the many decisions you have, as a new business owner is, “How Do I Create A Home Office?” Take it from someone who has been exactly where you are and learn from my mistakes – “keep it private, professional, functional, simple, within your budget and fun”.

Many individuals who choose to start a business have an image of what they want their ideal office to look like, yet the priority of creating a business should not be on the office furniture itself. Choose to use your money wisely and instead add, “creating my ideal office” into one of your business goals. Design a 1-year plan, 3-year plan, 5-year and 10-year office plan and be willing to adjust it as is necessary. It’s not unrealistic to move a business out of a home and many business owners don’t consider this at first glance.

I’ll give you a picture of a 1-10 year plan based on my own experiences. My first desk was created in my bedroom using three three-drawer file cabinets, plywood, 2 different styles of molding and a 2×4. The wood was painted to match the room’s dcor. The wood was attached to the wall so that when I moved around, my desk didn’t. Three years later, I had the opportunity to accept an old metal desk, and graduated to an office and moved my office out of my bedroom and into it’s own room. Two years later I was looking for a bookshelf and real wooden shelves were priced out of my budget. I happened into an office furniture store that also sold used furniture. I purchased three 3×6 wooden bookshelves and a 5-drawer filing cabinet the color of my metal desk. Not bad for $200!

Pointers: Consider purchasing recycled or used office furniture to help you keep start-up costs low. Create an office where you can have complete privacy during business hours. No matter what business you start, you’ll need technology in your office. Plan to have the space and wiring for it. Basics to consider o A desk o A very comfortable chair o Tallest file cabinet you can fit in the room o Book Shelf o Storage space for inventory or other items (clear plastic stackable boxes or a closet)

Postscript: No one has ever walked into my office and said, “what a wonderful used furniture office you have!” Instead I hear about how beautiful my shelves are and how cozy my office is.

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