Is Diggnation Really a Success?

    September 28, 2006

Frank Shaw, who is Vice President of Waggener Edstrom (Microsoft’s main PR firm), asks an interesting question:

“If “Diggnation” were on a national cable or broadcast feed, would 250k viewers be seen as success or the road to to cancellation? You decide.”

Here’s a question I have. If you have a new technology product or service to launch, would you rather launch it on Diggnation or on the front of the business page of, say, USA Today?

By the way, Frank is one of those gatekeepers who can get you in front of Microsoft executives. It’ll be really interesting to see if Diggnation is ever broadcast from BillG’s office. Imagine Kevin Rose drinking beer with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. If that ever happens I’ll know the world has really gotten loopy.



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