Irish Excels At Photo Sharing

    September 6, 2007
  is a photo-sharing site that’s based in, and generally targeted at, Ireland.  But if you’re not Irish, it’s still worth a look – among other advantages, the beta version of has a monthly upload limit that’s five times larger than what Flickr offers.

Irish Excels At Photo Sharing
Irish Excels At Photo Sharing

In his review of the site, Conor O’Neill of blognation Ireland added, “They have the usual tag exploration and social networking features which are must-haves on such a site.  I found that aspect to be a lot easier to work with than Flickr.”

O’Neill also wrote, “One differentiator that they push is the fine grained access control.  Flickr’s awful binary approach to sharing has always been my biggest complaint about the site. allows you to define access based on various degrees of contact relationships and groupings.”

It’s tempting, at this point, to dive into clichés about the luck of the Irish; other overviews tend to agree with O’Neill’s, and all in all, really does look quite good.  That would be rather bad writing, though, and offer an incomplete viewpoint, since there are some issues with the Irish site.

Founder Marcus Mac Innes showed up in blognation Ireland’s comment section to admit, “[O]n the invite and ‘guest pass’ front we are definitely falling short.”  The editor in me is also a bit annoyed by an inconsistent capitalization of the “P” in  Failing to hit the “Shift” key isn’t much of a sin, however, and Mac Innes continued, “We’ve got changes planned to allow users to be able to invite people to view their albums directly and we’ll throw in the old ‘guest pass’ for good measure!”

Hat tip to Mashable’s Kristen Nicole.