Interchange Powers ivantage Local-Search and Directory Network

    April 19, 2005

Interchange Corporation, a leading provider of local and national paid-search services in the United States and Europe, announced today that the company is providing its local-search and advertising platform to power a comprehensive network of over 2,000 city-based search and directory sites for online city guide provider, ivantage.

Interchange’s advanced local-search platform is expected to enhance the quantity and quality of search results for consumers visiting ivantage’s network of sites, shoptropolis, by enabling advertiser listings to appear in response to a wide variety of local-search queries.

Interchange’s local-search platform provides enhanced local-search functionality including the ability for consumers to conduct natural language searches using the company’s Keyword DNA technology.

Interchange’s Assured Response module allows consumers to access more than 10 million local business listings using billions of keyword combinations.

“ivantage provides the consumer with the ability to quickly and easily access businesses in their local communities,” said Jim Terry, ivantage founder.

“Interchange’s local-search technology is proving to be key to a great consumer search experience by providing a wide range of relevant search results for businesses, products, and services at the local level.”

The partnership also allows ivantage’s shoptropolis sites to utilize local and national paid-search advertisers from Interchange’s Advertiser Network to enhance their paid-search advertising channel.

ivantage will feature the sponsored listings of local and national advertisers from Interchange’s Advertiser Network in response to searches for local businesses and the services they provide on its site, thereby enabling ivantage to more efficiently monetize their search traffic.

In addition, Interchange technology will be used to enhance the overall search experience for consumers searching for local businesses and services on the shoptropolis network by providing access to additional targeted business listings.

“Our partnership with ivantage is another example of our commitment to the local-search industry and our mission to both simplify and improve the consumer search experience,” said Heath Clarke, Interchange CEO.

“We intend to continue to serve this market with our proprietary local-search technologies and partnerships with leading industry sites.”

Earlier this year, Interchange acquired the domain name in order to develop a worldwide local-search destination site that will incorporate a local content and search syndication model.

Interchange’s current local-search assets, including the Local Direct search and advertising platform, the company’s recently released SMS LOCAL wireless directory assistance service, and the company’s planned WAP-based mobile search service, will be united under the brand.

ivantage operates shoptropolis, a comprehensive network of community-based shopping portals. Shoptropolis incorporates over 2,000 city related sites throughout the U.S. that focus on consumer content and information at the local level.

Shoptropolis sites offer convenient ways for consumers to find businesses in their area with easy to use tools and navigation.

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