Intel Will Pay $10000 For Moores Law

    April 13, 2005

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore once wrote an article for Electronics Magazine, delivering his ideas concerning the future of transistors in relation to computer processing technology. This article went on to be known as Moore’s Law.

Now Intel wants to secure a copy of the magazine and is willing to pay an attractive sum in order to do so.

In this famous article, Moore wrote he believed the number of integrated transistors in relation to computer processors would double, making the technology more and more affordable. It also means that computing power would double each year.

Because of the importance Intel places on acquiring a mint condition copy of the magazine Moore’s article appeared in, they are willing to pay $10000 to obtain it. has more:

The offer was made through an eBay auction and Intel hopes that the sum is tempting enough to determine those who think they might have had it to start searching it.

Intel employees cannot participate to this “treasure hunt” and the company accepts copies from the library or museum collections only if they have been sold by them.

Intel will pay the sum only for the original issue and not for photocopies, and if there are more sellers, the company declared that all the copies will be bought but at a lower price.

So by all means, if you happen to have a copy lying around, don’t hesitate to visit eBay and let it be known. You won’t regret it. Of course, you could always hold out for more money. 😉

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