Ingres, BEA Partner On SOA

    June 28, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Ok, the way to SOA with the Ingres database and BEA is to go and download today Ingres, BEA Workshop Studio, and the Eclipse SDK.

The partnership between middleware company BEA and database maker Ingres presents service-oriented architecture (SOA) developers on Eclipse another option for building their applications.

Both firms have made trial versions of their software available for download. Ingres also provides a Community Edition of their database with licensing under the GNU General Public License version 2.

BEA Workshop Studio comes with a 15-day trial, and can be downloaded using the Express option if Eclipse is already in place on the workstation. A JDBC connector in the latest versions of Workshop Studio allows for easy connectivity to Ingres through the DbXplorer tool.

Once added and tested, the objects available in the Ingres database come into view. Then, the various features of Workshop Studio as well as Eclipse can be used against those objects.

Current users of Ingres r3 who want to try out Workshop Studio will need to download the latest Ingres JDBC Driver that comes with Ingres 2006. Support for trial users of the software packages can get help on BEA’s forums.

The BEA arrangement represents the first ISV partnership for the now-independent Ingres. As part of developing a blended open source strategy, Ingres provides services and donations of its source code, while commercial vendors like BEA add value with their product lines and certification of a combined solution.

Eclipse’s popularity only contributes to the potential effectiveness of such pairings. With Workshop Studio available as a plug-in to Eclipse, and JDBC connectivity to Ingres as part of the package, the deal makes the offer more appealing to developers who are considering SOA-development options in the workplace.

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