In-Flight Wi-Fi Not A Must For Business Travelers

By: Mike Sachoff - January 29, 2008

With more airlines testing Wi-Fi and other communication technologies more than half (56%) of business travelers say they don’t feel the need to be connected while flying according to an Orbitz For Business Traveler Survey.

When asked if they would take a less convenient ore more expensive flight in order to have Wi-Fi service, 56 percent of business travelers said it was not a necessity, while 36 percent say they would try to book a flight with Wi-Fi available, but would be content if it were not. Only eight percent said the wireless service is very important, and would take less convenient or more expensive flights to have access.

Cell phone usage on commercial airlines faces obstacles and safety concern from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC). If never approved, it would not bother most travelers on planes, as 57 percent of business travelers oppose cell phone usage in-flight.


"Technological advances have made business travelers today more productive than ever before," said Dean Sivley, senior vice president, COO and general manager, Orbitz for Business.

"While there are those who use flight time to catch up on work, and Wi-Fi will enhance that ability, there are also many who view it as valuable downtime. If ever endorsed, many travelers feel it would be hard to rest with the person next to them talking on a cell phone."

Eighty-four percent of business travelers said they try to be as quiet as possible when on call, and are annoyed by those who don’t do the same. Only four percent admit they will do whatever they need to while working and traveling, no matter how it affects others.

Fifty-nine percent of business travelers said they would use Wi-Fi for both business and entertainment, while 21 percent said they would use it strictly for business. Twenty percent said they would use Wi-Fi only for entertainment.

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  • Nilesh

    It should in fact be protested. Technology usage in Flights is nothing but inviting menace.

  • butter

    with world  travelling so fast and  most of the work on moves —  ucan think or dream of without   internet. every minutesis becoming important. u miss something in minutes and u have losses. so irlines shld be ready that the yhave aquired all th  important technology whis is more beneficial for their travellers

  • sam

    with world on such a fast speed,  world without wifi   would  be  so slow

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