If You Care About Search, You Must Care About Social Media

Social Media Plays a Bigger Role in Search Marketing Than Some Realize

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All of the search engines are rushing to incorporate more social media elements into their interfaces. Examples of this are evident in things like Google and Bing’s deals with Twitter and Facebook. You can see it in Yahoo’s new Twitter tab for news results. You can see it in Google’s Social Search lab. Really you can see it in everyday search results.

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A lot of Internet users spend a great deal of their time socializing or using social media sites in one way or another, whether that is to connect with others or simply to obtain information. Information is a key component of social media that often takes a backseat to communication in discussion of social media tools.

The fact of the matter is that more and more people are getting more and more of their information from social sites. That could be in the form of following a news publication on Twitter, following company updates on a blog or a Facebook page, or something as simple as a friend sharing a link.

Given that people are getting more info from social media sites, of course search engines want a piece of that, because their whole reason for existence is naturally to help users find what they are looking for on the web.

So, it stands to reason that if you want people to find information that you are producing, it can help a great deal to publish information and participate in conversations on social media sites. Never mind that users of those particular sites will have access to it. The general public will as well by way of search, regardless of whether or not they are a part of any particular community.

In an interview with WebProNews, Vanessa Fox, who used to work for Google, talked about reasons that businesses should be thinking about social media with regards to search. It’s about visibility. If you are having discussions out there about relevant topics, they could appear in search results not only in real-time search, but further down the road as well.

In other words, if you have a conversation with a peer on Twitter about some topic related to your niche, there is a good chance the resulting tweets of that conversation could appear in search results for that topic on Google, even a year from now, if that tweet happens to be relevant enough. That’s just an example (note: it’s hard to say at this point, just how tweets will impact search once the Google-Twitter deal starts showing results).

There are a variety of ways in which a social campaign can contribute to your performance in search engines, regardless of what these recent deals might produce. Like Lee Odden of Top Rank Online Marketing recently discussed with WebProNews, you can optimize your social content.

The web went blog crazy a few years back. Marketers found out that blogs were great for achieving search engine visibility because of the content and links that can come from them. It’s not that different with social media now. The web has largely moved into a social media-heavy phase, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Search engines obviously know this and care about it.

As Fox says in her interview, it’s getting to the point where more businesses are starting to realize that they need to be involved with social media. However, surveys still frequently suggest that many are reluctant, and even if they do engage to some extent, they are still holding back, and not reaching the potential they could be.

You know search is important to marketing on the web. Really, it’s important to marketing, period. If you operate on the web or off, your customers are on still online, as Fox noted. Social media is growing increasingly important to search. And search is only one aspect of online marketing. There are many more benefits to social media than that.

How important is social media to search? Share your thoughts.

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If You Care About Search, You Must Care About Social Media
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  • http://www.eyesurgerylaser.org Laser Eyer Surgery

    It’s obviously a natural thing for SE to rely on social media, since it’S where users are nowadays, they want a piece of that pie.

  • http://www.medlawplus.com medlaw

    “The web has largely moved into a social media-heavy phase.” Hadn’t thought of it Chris but I think you are right. For some time I had thought twitter would die out. Younger people are so over it and I just couldn’t figure out what value it brought to the user other than to build huge numbers of followers … but to what end? My thoughts on twitter started to change when I heard about the interface deal with google. Twitter becomes a backdoor to get your content into google more quickly and give it a higher profile. Secondly, twitter has always been a broadcast medium but there is just so, so much unorganized clutter (and spam) on twitter that its hard to see the wheat through the chaff. The recent addition to twitter of the list feature goes along way to help to overcome that problem. For instance, I’m a big St. Louis Cardinals fan. I follow a number of sports writers, blogs, the team site, and the Cards minor league director on twitter. With lists, I’m to place these twitter accounts on a single Cardinals list giving me very quick, up to date news on the Cardinals.

    I look at twitter different today. Definitely worth my investment of time to build a presence there.

    • http://www.jjraymond.com jjray

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  • http://www.SEOServicesAtlanta.com Guest

    Social networks can be very valuable to local businesses, not just because of the higher search rankings and visibility, but because social activities allow local business to do what they do best- create better relationships. These are the tools that let you connect to people. This is the real power behind social search.

  • http://texxsmith.com texxs

    Did I miss it? Did anyone say anything about social media can help my clients SE ranking in anyway? I mean after all almost all of those links on social media sites are hidden from Google by a log in (Facebook), no-followed (stumbleupon, digg), or devalued by their spammy domain (twitter, myspace).

    Maybe I’m missing something. I keep hearing how social media is so important but if your looking to improve SE presence for very specific b2b type services and products (for instance not many people on Facebook going to be interested in talking about super soldering robots for chip makers), I’m not seeing how this is going to help the clients main website improve their SE rankings.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think social media can be a great thing to market a trendy product (like toe-shoes or the latest energy drink) that appeals to the masses, but for helping one’s main web site build SE ranking, I’m just not seeing any benefit at all.

    Nor am I hearing anyone talk about how I could use social media to achieve this goal. Am I missing something?

  • ShyamKapur

    This is an excellent article. I love some of the comments, too. Please check out the only real-time, semantic, social search engine TipTop at http://FeelTipTop.com to see how search and social media are coming closer and closer together each day. I believe that fundamentally search is a conversation, and every conversation is a search. Please also check out our special, dynamically changing promotion for Thanksgiving this month at http://ftt.nu/thanksgiving

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    Social media is taking over everything, news, video, etc. When you have CNN jumping on board with Twitter and other networks and personalities are doing likewise, that says something. I think major news in the future will depend more on the average Joe that witnesses something news worthy who will start a story before CNN ever gets their hands on it.

  • http://rapidcoolrooms.com.au Andrew B

    It’s all about making your site visible and we have to use whatever legitimate methods that are available to do this. I have noticed I’m getting better rankings with most of my keywords since starting to use social medias. A coincidence? I don’t think so.
    Andrew B.

  • http://www.SkyMaxMarketing.com SEO Internet Marketing

    It’s important to realize the impact that the top social networking sites are playing on SEO and internet marketing in general. However, it’s also important to understand how technology quickly advances and fads come and go.

    We can safely say that social networking/media is not a fad, but it’s important to remember that the actual mediums (websites, networks, etc.) have come and gone over the years. It would be quite devastating to your business if you’ve focused all your energy and resources on building within a specific network, only to find it slowly fading away and replaced by the next “new thing” in a couple years, right?

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    I’m not an SEO specialist, but what I’ve found is that the best thing you can do to get your site up there is by using keywords, especially in your url, page headings and page names.

    Social media is great, but if it’s not key word relevant that there’s no point.

  • http://www.systemtek.net Jason J

    Social media is so powerful because the search engines love new content more and more. I say get involved, spread out your SEO efforts and don’t do anything too unnatural.

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