IDG TechNetwork Expands

    March 3, 2008

There are millions of bloggers out there, so as a portion of the whole, 100 individuals don’t make for too impressive a group.  Relatively few bloggers are relevant to the IDG TechNetwork, however, and sealing deals with 100 of them makes for a decent start.

IDG TechNetwork Expands
  IDG Tech Network Chart

The IDG TechNetwork is an advertising network attempting to connect sponsors with "the largest and most influential audience of enterprise, consumer, small-medium businesses, and gaming technology buyers."  Our discussion of the number 100 aside, it seems a good effort is taking place to ensure this bit of press release-ese is a reality.

A system of revenue sharing should guarantee the IDG TechNetwork at least some degree of popularity.  Also, instead of issuing an "all aboard" call to bloggers, an "About Us" section states, "Every site in the network is approved by our IDG editors – a benefit unique to IDG TechNetwork – ensuring your advertisements appear only on credible sites."

David Kaplan points to where IDG has made moves from print to the online world, as well, which should provide onlookers evidence that it’s comfortable in this space.

It seems a bit early – and a tad recession-y – to make calls just yet, but in any case, the IDG TechNetwork should be worth watching.