IBM Takes on Linux

    February 15, 2005

IBM is launching a program to make Linux applications available across its whole line of hardware.

IBM introduced the IBM eServer Application Server Advantage for Linux, also known as Chiphopper, the IT industry’s first combination of support and testing tools that will deliver on the promise of a cross-platform Linux solution for ISVs.

The Chiphopper offering allows ISVs worldwide for the first time to increase both their customer reach and revenue opportunities by enabling their Linux application to operate across the entire IBM eServer product line, from entry-level x86-based servers, blades and clusters, POWER-based servers to Linux on the mainframe.

In conjunction with the Chiphopper offering, IBM announced the availability of three Linux special interest areas for ISVs as part of IBM’s PartnerWorld Industry Networks program. The special interest areas will serve as the one-stop source for ISVs to help their customers migrate to Linux and will focus on three areas: Sun Solaris to Linux; Microsoft Windows to Linux; and one specifically for Chiphopper. IBM also unveiled new sales and marketing resources specifically designed to help ISVs market and sell their Linux solutions, industry by industry.

The announcement was made today at an IBM press conference at LinuxWorld Boston, which was attended by ISV partners and customers.

“Multi-platform Linux is already a reality with our customers and our ISVs, and the introduction of Chiphopper will accelerate that process,” said IBM’s Scott Handy, vice president, Linux. “Linux on x86 is already huge, and Chiphopper will not only increase that market opportunity, but also expand it to additional platforms faster than what was possible.”

Chiphopper (named for its capability allowing ISV applications to easily move, or “hop,” across various chips) is a no-charge offering that is available immediately and enabled worldwide to provide the tools and support that empowers ISVs to take their existing Linux-on-x86 (Intel or AMD) applications, and easily test, port, and support those applications across all IBM systems including: IBM eServer iSeries, pSeries, zSeries, xSeries, BladeCenter, TotalStorage and the rapidly growing OpenPower line of Linux-based servers from IBM.

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