Humbled eBay Joins Yahoo In Japan

    December 4, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A new partnership between eBay and Yahoo Japan returns the online auctioneer to a country where Yahoo dominates the Internet landscape.

eBay Five years ago, eBay left Japan, unable to breach Yahoo’s stranglehold on the national Internet user community. The return of eBay to Japan via an agreement with Yahoo fills in a gap in eBay’s international business.

An AP report on the deal said the presence of eBay auction items on Yahoo Japan should start by March 2008. The agreement also promises to interest American auction buyers too.

The report said by the middle of next year, auction items on Yahoo Japan will be available for purchase by American eBay users. Though eBay mentioned manga, CDs, and other products, we think the gadgets that abound in the Akihabara shopping district will find their way into the mix.

One analyst cited in a Bloomberg report, JP Morgan Chase &Co’s Hiroko Sato, said, “The alliance will create a very attractive service for U.S. and Japanese users as it allows them to purchase items simultaneously in both countries.”

Speaking of mix, Yahoo Japan and eBay also announced a new site called Sekaimon. Auctions on eBay will be translated to Japanese, and the site will provide assistance to Japanese shoppers. Yahoo Japan and eBay will share Sekaimon revenue, though the split was not disclosed.

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