How Your Competitors Can Help You

    August 19, 2004

Internet marketing is as a competitive home-based business as you can find. There are literally thousands and thousands of people all over the world trying to make a buck’ marketing their home-based businesses.

This also means that there are a few things you can learn from your competitors that just may help in making your home-based internet marketing business a success. Most if not all retail businesses hire people to do just this whether they are price checking certain items of their competitor or checking out a certain display item that may be in a competitors store. These retail stores are doing research in hopes that they may be able to 1) Stay competitive price/product wise. And 2) Prevent their customers from doing there shopping elsewhere. As a internet marketer you owe it to yourself and your customers to use this same example with your home-based business.

So just how can your competitors help you with your home-based business? Let’s take a look at a few things that may help you become and stay successful in internet marketing.

Website Design and Layout

Take a look at your competitors website and see how it is designed. Is it easy to navigate through? Can you find original content? Does it capture your interest? What about the colors and fonts used? These are some of the things you should be comparing to your website. Some experts’ will argue that website design has nothing to do with the success of your business. However, I beg to differ, if your website is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate through and features your main product or service, then you have increased your chances of success. If your potential customers arrive at your website and they like the way you have designed it they are more likely to stay and take a look around which increases the likelihood of making a sale.

Links, Content and Page Rank

Once again take a look at your competitors website and find their google page rank ( This how google ranks websites in terms of importance) to see how your competitor measures up. You will need to have the google toolbar installed on your computer to access this information. A high page rank of 5 and above is very good. A page rank of 4 is average. You should not have to worry about pages that rank lower than 4. Look at your page rank to see what you can do to get it to at least a PR 4. Fresh new content will help with this. New articles uploaded weekly will give cause to the search engines to spider your site on a regular basis. Now take a look at your competitors links directory. What you want to look for is quality link partners not so much quantity. Click on some of your competitors links and start adding these to your reciprocal links directory. Search engines love websites with quality reciprocal links. The higher you rank in the search engines the better off you will be when people search for your keywords.

Now go to and and search out your competitors in your niche and do some comparisons. Good luck.

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