How to Deliver your Price Quote with Confidence

    August 11, 2003

In this highly competitive market, it’s easy to worry that once you state the price for your service, your prospective client will vanish. Even the most brazen of us may gulp when we finally have to say a number.

Let’s look at delivering your price from a different angle. With these 3 “What if…” scenarios in mind, delivering your price quote takes on an entirely different meaning. Instead of a daunting task, it becomes a way to deepen the communication between you and your prospective client.

1. What if…you summarize what was important to your client (you did ask them what was important, right?!)? For example: “I remember you said you were looking for the least expensive, highest quality, fastest delivery XYZ – do I have that right?” Now you are building a case for results thinking!

2. What if…you list what the client is getting if they choose to accept your proposal? Now you are deepening your case for results thinking.

3. What if…you tell the client boldly and with emphasis, that you can deliver that result for the price of X? Now you are keeping the emphasis on results, not on price.

Each of these 3 steps follows my foundation principle: It’s Not About You, It’s About Them! When you make it about “them” your confidence will soar!

Now it’s your turn!

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