How To Become An Early Bird Super Affiliate

    June 26, 2003

Ask ANY marketing guru about achieving success on the Net, and s/he will tell you that the ONLY way for a small guy to make a success story is by having a perfect niche.

Niches work wonders on the Net. There’s nothing that can beat the power of well defined smartly addressed niches. The narrow it becomes, the better your chances to make money, since smaller niches are well targeted.

You know it, right?

But do you know that ONE secret that doubles, or even triples your chances of making money staying within a niche as an affiliate, at no extra cost, and at a speed you can’t even figure out?

Yes, I’m talking about mini-sites, but it’s not that old rehashed mini-site theory that you’ve heard, or read at countless marketing websites and ezines.

If you have no idea what mini-sites are, what are they good for, and how can they make you money, you better first follow the link below to update yourself on mini-sites:

So what’s the secret? You ask.

In a word… it’s *timing*.

Oh! So that was your secret, Amin?

Hey! waky, waky boy. I thought you’re gonna give me a real secret. This can’t be called a secret anyway.

Hhmm.. that’s exactly where you’ve missed the train. 😉

I’m not talking about acting on time, I’m talking about acting *before* time. Believe me, acting before time can make you lots of money with mini-sites in an almost effortless manner. And without any dirty trick. Wanna know how?

OK! Continue reading..

What you’re about to discover is a smart twist to make loads n loads of smart money from these sites using plain common sense.

Are you ready?

OK! Here are the actual inner workings…

First, lets start by uncovering some facts. Then we’ll move on further and explore the concept in a greater detail in this series.

To prove my point, and to make you understand as to why I’m so much convinced that acting before time is absolutely crucial for you as an Early Bird Super Affiliate (EBSA), here are some strange, but true facts:

Some of your site visitors who click your affiliate link comes with a *tagged* cookie. This simply means their computer already holds information about any previous affiliate who made them click to the merchant’s site. Ofcourse, that click may or may not have translated into sales.

..And here’s something you should know… That cookie *does not* get changed, or altered if those visitors click your affiliate link.

It will still be there for 2 years, 5 years or even forever on your visitor’s machine, as some merchants offer lifetime commissions to their affiliates for increased affiliate

Good for the previous affiliate. Bad for you.

No matter how hard or smart you try to make your visitor click your affiliate link, it will have no effect on your commissions. I first noticed this when I was promoting a very popular and useful digital product of which I won’t mention the name.

I sent a sizable number of my visitors to that merchant’s site, but guess what? Not a *single* sale was made.

Later, I discovered I was promoting something that everybody else was promoting for quite some time. I got curious. I decided to do a little bit of research in this connection as to why I didn’t make any commission.

I’m sure.. this must have happened with you as well. And I’m positive you must also be wondering the same thing.

This is particularly true in case when the product or service you’re promoting is of value, and pays a higher commission. Because then huge number of affiliates actively promotes the same product over n over again, which lessens your chances of getting unique clicks.

I’m not saying that there is a high probability that it will always be the case, but it happens most of the time. Right. It happened with me.

What does this all translates into.. what am I trying to prove?

My point is.. as long as you’re getting a fresh unique visitor to your site who never visited your merchant’s site with somebody else’s affiliate link, it’s OK. Otherwise you need to do something about it.

Even if you do a wonderful job in pre-selling the merchant’s product with all sort of creative ideas that make your visitor click your affiliate link, it won’t be of any use.


…Because that visitor has already been ‘marked’ as a customer of the affiliate who first brought him/her to the merchant’s site. Don’t get me wrong here, lifetime commissions are sort of blessings for the affiliates, but I’m trying to emphasize the value of the first click.

Commission will directly get credited into that affiliate’s account who get the *first click* for that particular visitor. So who’s benefiting from YOUR efforts? Ofcourse, the affiliate who gets the first click.. and the merchant who’s becoming rich day by day through your efforts.

Clearly, you should be on a hunt for untouched, fresh visitors who has never been to your merchant’s site before with somebody elses affiliate links.

How do you get those kind of fresh visitors?

Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you some useful hints and tricks to deal with this kind of situation, as well as some other insights later in this series.

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