Hound Sniffs Out Job Listings

    April 5, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A new job metasearch competitor to Simply Hired and Indeed has emerged from attorney job finder Juriscape.

Job hunters now have one more site to add to their bookmarks alongside Simply Hired and Indeed. It’s called Hound, and its Juriscape owners tout the site’s simplicity and interface, and a large database of listings, as positives.

As dogs go, this Hound needs a little more training. With a motto of "Every Job On Earth" displayed beneath a friendly dog logo, we expect to see results. A query on Hound for pediatrician in Lexington, KY got us a ‘no results’ page.

The same query on Indeed picked up a half-dozen openings. Simply Hired found seven.

Bad dog. Or maybe we should just call it ‘beta dog’ instead. As a new launch they are likely still implementing some features like additional sources for listings.

Hound’s toolset makes it easy to personalize the way a person receives listings they want. Options for email or RSS feed updates as jobs matching a query become available.

A Browse Jobs feature lets the visitor check out listings for the United States and its territories. It’s another area where Hound needs work; omitting Louisville from Kentucky’s list of top cities for jobs is a glaring mistake.

More competition in the job metasearch range should increase the pressure on all sites in this category to become the definitive place to find those listings. If most listings for heavily searched positions duplicate closely across engines, it seems the site that can best establish itself as a brand will succeed long-term here.