October 15, 2004

Lou Honick, CEO of, has been invited to share his experience in building a state-of-the-art datacenter at ISPCON in Santa Clara, CA on November 3, 2004.

Drawing upon his experience of building a datacenter from the ground up, he will discuss five keys to success, five pitfalls to avoid and five must-have technologies to use in constructing or reconstructing a datacenter in today’s environment.

In addition to his presentation on building a datacenter, Lou will be a panelist for a session devoted to discussing the pros and cons of “Insourced vs. Outsourced Hosting.” Based on the experience and opinions of the panel, the discussion will focus on the major points to consider when running a hosting operation. ISPCON will be a gathering place for leading experts, Internet providers and business professionals. will be one of the many exhibitors there. “This is an exciting opportunity for,” said Lou Honick, CEO of “I will be able to share my experiences on building our second datacenter and meet with customers face-to-face to get their thoughts and perspectives.”

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