Home -N- Linens Site Review – Pay Attention To Details

    August 15, 2003

Load – Server load time at 4pm is slow; I would hate to test the site during prime time.

*** Links

When under decorative clocks, clicking on decorative clocks brings up kitchenall.asp, instead of dcloclsall.asp

Same with novelty lighting

lc.asp does not give a submenu of types like all other menu’s

*** Grammar

tips.asp, under articles, last point “All articles…” spacing is off

Also would ‘sound’ better as… “Have an interesting article you would like us to print”

The way it is, sounds like you are offering a job… without pay…

“Home ‘n Linens Proudly Ships to UNITED STATES!” reads better as “Home ‘n Linens Proudly ships anywhere in the UNITES STATES!” or “Home ‘n Linens Proudly Ships to the UNITED STATES!” As is, it rolls off the tongue wrong.

*** General

Enable the left click, it is frustrating for a visitor to try and copy some text for reference, if they cannot copy and paste. (Anyone looking for your source, can always click “View” – “Source”)

The flag does not appear where shipping is for “international destinations” (reloaded 3x to verify) – if no flag for ‘international destinations’ then remove the image locator.


– Totals are not lined up, the align right… should be 2 table cells, aligned left on the second cell, (first cell width=”*”, second cell width=”100″ – or whatever is needed to keep it on one line – the shipping.htm reference can be then aligned right to appear next to shipping line)

– Second * on bottom shows up on page 2, maybe reduce size to allow for all information to print on 1 page

– Phone # should have -‘s to separate area code, prefix, and last 4

– Spacing between logo and text

*** Layout

wholesale.htm – pull the page off of the left border..

James Wheeler,
Lead web design
Kender Internet Kompany

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