Hitwise Names Top Hulu Search Terms

    April 20, 2009

YouTube, which of course receives far more traffic than Hulu, is doing just about everything in its power to ensure things stay that way.  Unfortunately for YouTube, stats from Hitwise seem to indicate that its new partnerships with CBS, Lionsgate, MGM, and Starz may not provide a lot of help. 

Hulu Logo

Hitwise’s Heather Dougherty put together a list of the top ten search terms on Hulu during the week of March 21st.  We can’t explain the presence of the second most popular term, "transformers cartoon," although it must tie to the upcoming movie.

Otherwise, nine of the ten terms – "family guy," "lie to me," "the office," "keeping up with the kardashians," "24," "battlestar galactica," "bones," "damages," and "the simpsons" – connect to relatively current, relatively popular television shows.

YouTube, meanwhile, gained a lot of rather iffy, older content (including the five-episode 1965 series "My Mother The Car") due to its recent deals.  So it looks like YouTube still won’t be able to compete too much in terms of providing professionally produced content.

Ah, well.  As Chris Crum reported earlier today, YouTube may be catching up in terms of offering a decent design layout, anyway.