Hitwise Launches New Widget

    August 14, 2007

Online intelligent service Hitwise has launched a new Hitwise Widget that will highlight online usage trends from Hitwise To Go.

The RSS-based service offers statistics on online usage behavior for the U.S., UK and Asia Pacific markets. The release is the first of a series of widgets focused on making it easier for marketers, academics, the press and digital fans to have access into online consumer usage.

The Hitwise To Go Widget can be found on the Yahoo Widget platform, which operates on both Mac, and PC platforms. The widget will soon be offered on Google Gadget and Yourminis platforms. The Hitwise To Go widget allows users to view up to date online trends.

“Releasing our data via desktop widgets makes it easy for digital enthusiasts to stay informed about key online trends as they happen. They also serve as a gateway to access a full archive of online statistics and other publicly available Hitwise data sources such as the Hitwise Analyst Blogs and our Data Center,” said Tessa Court, chief marketing officer for Hitwise.

Hitwise To Go data covers a variety of industry topics such as the growth of newly launched Web sites, recent search trends, the impact of Web 2.0 technologies on specific industries, and popular Web sites among specific demographics and social group segments. The data is based on 25 million Internet users (10 million in the U.S.), who search and interact with 1 million Web sites a day.