Hints At ‘Gmail For Domains’ In JavaScript

    February 9, 2006

Garett Rogers at ZDNet notices that hidden within Gmail source code are hints that Google is developing a future version of Gmail, “Caribou”, that will allow people to point their domain DNS servers at Google to use Gmail.

The source includes:

function vJ(){if(uy){;return'+"Manage this domain"+" | "}else{return""}}

var kQ=ob(["Contact us ","Report bug","Caribou is slow","Send a suggestion","I need personal help!","Caribou-only features"],5);

Rogers suggests that Google may be developing a service like Windows Live Domains that will let you point your mail servers at Google and use Google services as part of your businesses .com. Of course, to compete with Live’s planned features, Google will have to do far more than just let you use your own domain

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