Hello Again, Jeeves

    September 13, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Hellomagazine.com and Ask Jeeves have extended an agreement to include a contextual search function on the celebrity news website, marking the first time Ask Jeeves has offered its search technology to a UK partner site.

In addition to providing a search box to the top of every hellomagazine.com webpage, Ask will be providing contextual link prompts, automatic search results related to the content of the pages.

If a user is reading a review of the new Harry Potter movie, the new function will provide links to other pages about the subject-movie information, actor pages, character and book information.

Ask Jeeves and hellomagazine.com began a partnership six months ago when Ask provided a Famous People search option on its site. Hellomagazine.com says its site received a record number of searches and clicks-through.

“The strength of this service has allowed us to now give our users a new comprehensive web and contextual search facility thanks to Ask. I’m sure that this relationship will only help to improve our user experience over time,” says hellomagaizine.com editor, Tree Elven.

Ask Jeeves’ vice president of European Marketing Rachel Johnson said the Famous People search tool was one of the most popular and best performing services.

“Hellomagazine.com is a great brand fit for us and we are delighted to continue this relationship and offer its specialist content to our users,” said Johnson.

The top Famous People searches on Ask.co.uk for this month are:

1) Jennifer Lopez
2) Jessica Simpson
3) Paris Hilton
4) Britney Spears
5) Pamela Anderson
6) Angelina Jolie
7) Elvis
8) David Beckham
9) Hilary Duff
10) Eminem