Hanging Out In Paris

    April 24, 2005

What a great day so far. Arrived in Paris mid afternoon, met up with David Tebbutt and off to our hotels.

A socializing afternoon and evening in some fabulous company. As the pic shows, that’s me sandwiched in between Halley Suitt and Mary Hodder. Truly a thorn between two roses 😉

This was taken in a brasserie just around the corner from my hotel. Also in our group were Doc Searls – I didn’t manage to snap him, but he took some pics – Perry de Havilland and Adriana Cronin-Lukas.

A terrfic group of people for some terrific conversation. Not just about blogging either.

I took a few other photos today, all now on Flickr. Just today’s at the moment; I’ll be adding to this set in the coming days.

Commentary tomorrow from Les Blogs!


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