Hackers Crack Apple iTunes DRM

    March 21, 2005

A group of hackers from the United States and Norway have released a crack, which bypasses Apple’s digital rights management software used by songs downloaded from iTunes.

The crack is called PyMusique and it allows users to copy iTunes-purchased songs repeatedly. Normally, the iTunes DRM prevents multiple copies from being made. According to VNUNet.com, PyMusique works by preventing the DRM files from being downloaded:

People connect to Apple’s iTunes music store and purchase songs. But because the crackers found that Apple’s DRM is only added to songs at the last moment, they short-circuited this part of the download process. This allows files to be copied over and over again. Using the MyMusique software appears to break the terms and conditions of iTunes that state: ‘You will not access the Service by any means other than through software that is provided by iTunes for accessing the Service.

No comments have been issued by Apple, but one can foresee them plugging this hole quite expeditiously.

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