Greenhouse Gas to be Reduced?

    February 17, 2005

After the Bush administration claimed it was making a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it was accused of being deceptive.

Environmentalists say that government policies won’t do much to prevent the continued increase in emissions.

“The bottom line is that emissions are going up and with the current Bush administration policies they are going to continue to go up,” said Dan Lashof of the Natural Resources Defence Council. “It’s misleading for them to claim they are seriously committed to reducing global warming.”

According to an article from The Independent:

President George Bush withdrew US backing for the Kyoto protocol in March 2001, saying it would be too damaging to the country’s economy and would cost five million jobs. He also claimed the agreement was based on unreliable science and unfairly excluded developing nations such as India, China and Brazil, which account for a third of the world’s population. Though the US originally put its signature to the proposal, it was opposed so adamantly by the US Senate that it was never submitted for ratification by President Bill Clinton.

This week, President Bush’s spokesman, Scott McClellan, said that despite its withdrawal from Kyoto, the administration had initiated measures to address global warming, including investment in hydrogen fuel cell technology, tax incentives for renewable energy, the raising of fuel economy standards and a plan for zero emission by coal-fired power plants. He said: “Under this administration we have made an unprecedented commitment to reduce the growth of greenhouse gas emissions in a way that continues to grow our economy.”

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