GrandCentral Figures In Google’s Wi-Fi Plans

Phone switching service an easy transition away from telcos

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With Google’s purchase of GrandCentral Communications in July 2007, the company set up a way to pull people away from their relationships with wireless phone carriers.

When the FCC forced wireless operators to allow for the portability of cellphone numbers from one carrier to another, the industry obeyed the directive with plenty of reluctance. A natural desire to not have to lose a phone number already known to lots of people kept subscribers from ditching carriers for competitors with better deals.

If the wireless plans by Google and other white space usage backers in the Wireless Innovation Alliance hope to bring more people along to their service, they will have to offer portability, or at least a reasonable facsimile of it.

Enter GrandCentral. Though the use of the free service, people may establish a phone number that routes to their existing phones. Management features in GrandCentral allow users to manage their caller relationships, whether it’s with personalized voicemail greetings for some callers, or blocking undesirable ones.

We expect to see more of a push for GrandCentral adoption up to and through February 2009, when television leaves the 700MHz spectrum and the white spaces open up for Google and its wireless partners.

If they can get more people to set up a GrandCentral number now, and route it to their existing numbers, it will be trivial to add a new destination number from a Google-backed, Android-powered device to Grand Central later.

Depending on how well the white spaces network operates, people may be tempted to ditch existing wireless telecom accounts for what should be a much lower cost service from Google and company. If that happens, Verizon may have promised to pay $4.74 billion for the proverbial pig in a poke.

GrandCentral Figures In Google’s Wi-Fi Plans
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  • http://pyrmontvillage.com.au/ Don

    Innovation, thats the beauty of google. Absolute focus on the customer.

    Bye Bye Big Brother Telcos

  • http://ayunt.murcia.googlepages.com/home Guest

    grand central  is googles way of gettin farther into communications and a fon that is online..no more cellular networks riding side by side with net networks. Just online calling and online surfing..

    if G has its own band it can offer free devices that call other free devices and completely eliminate fon companies or at least pay -call services.

    in spain telefonica is known as the big overprice.

    we wait for G to arrive. infact already we can circumvent telefonica here with wifi devices that are always online like skype fon.free wifi is available in most towns.


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