Google’s Postini Suffers Problems

By: Doug Caverly - October 14, 2009

Someone with a little too much faith in logic might argue that email is at its most secure when messages don’t get through.  However, the average person doesn’t see things that way, and this became an issue as Postini, Google’s email security offering, encountered problems yesterday.

Lots of customers in both America and the U.K. reported delays in email delivery of up to several hours.  There may have been glitches in other countries, including Belgium and Japan, too.

Then, to make the matter worse, customers had difficulty logging into the Postini Support Portal that could have let them research and discuss what’d gone wrong.

Few users were especially pleased about all this.  While it may be one thing for Google’s free products and services to fail, it’s quite another for Postini – which costs between $12 and $45 per user per year – to have a liedown.  And, taken together with recent Gmail and Google News outages, the Postini development may point to a largish problem.

The issue seems to have been resolved by now, anyway.  A Google spokesman also assured Sharon Gaudin that "[w]e know how important mail is to our users, so we take issues like this very seriously, and apologize for the inconvenience."

Doug Caverly

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  • James

    Whoa… No comments on this one eh?

    I guess a very “fault tolerant” system is prone to just fault itself right out of service huh?

    Who would have thought that the Mighty Google Gods would have any sort of flaw or problems with their perfect services?

    Come on guys… Where is the love Google? I’m just looking for one or two comments…

    “Oh that’s okay Google… We still love you… You are great no matter how much downtime or data loss I occur with you… So long as I keep getting those tracking cookies everything is eh okay with me…”

    Or maybe…

    “Hey… for a service which serves a large portion of the world… they are bound to have the occasional outtage… they are only human…”

    Nope… That would never happen because for deity God like the Google brand to show it’s flaws would be blasphemy!!!

    • James

      Oh… and if you think I didn’t notice…

      Gmail went down…

      Not Postini…