Google to Get More Interactive with Mobile Video Ads

    November 17, 2009
    Chris Crum

AdMob, which is being purchased by Google, has unveiled a new interactive video ad unit for the iPhone today. Upon the announcement of Google’s acquisition, the highlights of the purchase included SMS, search, web display, and app display ads. Now, video is part of the mix.

"For the first time, mobile video is truly interactive as we’ve included customizable in-player action buttons enabling consumers to engage with Web content and more video content without leaving the video player," says AdMob VP Product Ali Diab. The in-player action buttons enable users to browse web sites, view additional videos, etc. while the video is playing.

As AdWords Senior Product Specialist Frederick Vallaeys discussed in a recent interview with WebProNews, you can expect to see a lot of new interesting mobile advertising trends in the coming year or so, particularly as a result from Google’s acquisition of AdMob.

Other iPhone units offered by AdMob include Multi-Panel Banner, Scrolling Canvas, and Search. The company says the new video ad unit will be sold primarily as an interstitial that will automatically play as an application loads.

AdMob Video Unit

"AdMob’s new Interactive Video Ad Unit brings together consumers’ love of watching videos on their mobile device with advertisers’ goal of providing an interactive, social experience for consumers," said AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui. "We are excited to create new ways for advertisers to engage with consumers on their mobile devices and for the developers behind the most popular and engaging iPhone applications to effectively monetize."

The first ads will begin running this week in select (but unnamed) applications across AdMob’s iPhone ad network. This network has reached over 20 million iPhones and iPod Touch devices around the world this year so far. A video demonstrating the new video ad unit can be viewed here.

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