GoogleGuy Requests End To The GoogleGuy-Says Site

    April 21, 2004

The GoogleGuy Says site, which I covered in GoogleGuy Says: Google’s Forum Posts, received a WebMasterWorld posted cease and desist from GoogleGuy himself.

What do you think about GoogleGuy’s request?

GoogleGuys trying to direct traffic
GoogleGuys trying to direct traffic

In a recent WebMasterWorld post GoogleGuy said, “I think Brett did that to keep that annoying scraper from copying my comments into his own little site/RSS feed. By the way, to the dude who does that: please stop. When I want to start my own blog, I’ll do it.”

This peevish post came some 11 months after Mark Carey began copying GoogleGuy’s posts into his blog.

Carey created the site because, “at times, [GoogleGuy’s] comments were the only valuable ones to read, and I found myself scrolling endlessly trying to locate his comments.” In addition he cited WebMasterWorld’s poor search engine as a reason for his site.

Carey also stated that, “from the beginning, I said that I would stop if GoogleGuy made such a request.”

Well, the request came, and so will end the primary, and easiest way source of Google’s comments to webmasters.

Mr. Carey, undaunted, said “I will continue to report and comment on significant comments made by GoogleGuy. I will not include entire posts verbatim, but I may quote a few sentences here and there.”

You can read Mr. Carey’s entire post here, and comment on GoogleGuy’s request.

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