Google-y PC Turns Heads

    November 2, 2007

It’s not an official, made-in-Mountain View Google PC.  Not at all.  But the inexpensive Everex TC2502 gPC is about as close to that mythical beast as we’ve yet come.

Let’s key in on that word “inexpensive” for a moment – this computer is available through Wal-Mart for $199.  For that price, buyers won’t get a monitor, but they will get something that’s quite energy-efficient.  Google, the company that’s interested in sustainable transport and picking up trash, would surely approve.

And how about the computer’s operating system?  After all, Google wouldn’t voluntarily go with Microsoft Vista.  So instead, a product description states that Everex’s PC “[e]nables you to use the supplied 2.2 software suite.”

 Google-y PC Turns Heads

The most interesting aspect of this machine relates much more closely to the search giant, however.  Ramon G. McLeod writes, “[T]he PC’s user interface includes icons pointing to popular Google applications such as Documents and Spreadsheets, Calendar, News, and Maps.  Also pre-installed is the Firefox web browser, Meebo IM, and Skype.”

This is the kind of computer that a lot of Web-savvy people might enjoy using.  We’d still like to see an official Google PC and/or operating system, though.  And Everex really should do something about this new computer’s embarrassingly large case.