Google Trends For Websites Introduced

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People working at traffic measurement companies are probably less than happy right now.  With the introduction of Google Trends for Websites, a certain search giant is invading their niche.

Like most of Google’s tools, Google Trends for Websites is free.  Like some of them, it’s interesting.  Sign in, type a site’s address (or more than one address, if you want), and you’ll get to see a graph representing its daily unique visitor count over a period of time.  Sites those people "also visited" and "also searched for" are listed, along with proportional traffic bars, as well.

This appears to present all sorts of opportunities for competitor research, ally-making, and general site-to-site comparisons.  What keeps the tool from being "interesting" as opposed to "remarkable," then (and keeps us from thinking about bankruptcy in connection with Alexa, Compete, and the like) is that it remains to be seen how accurate Google’s data is.

On the Webmaster Central Blog, R.J. Pittman writes, "Keep in mind that Trends for Websites is a Google Labs product and that we are experimenting with ways to improve the quality of the data.  Because data is estimated and aggregated over a variety of sources, it may not match the other data sources you rely on for web traffic information."

Still, we feel fairly sure that a lot of people have just found a new way to spend the impending weekend.

Google Trends For Websites Introduced
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  • http://must-hear-80s-songs.blogspot.com mike

    Interesting feature. I use the Trends to find out the lastest news. People sometimes find out things even before the news gets it.

  • http://www.rankbetterseo.com/Website-Design-Portfolio.php Law Firm Web Design

    Its about time that google made a feature like that available.

  • http://www.marketingminefield.co.uk Marketing Minefield

    Google Trends looks like an excellent new feature but Google should make data for their websites (google, youtube etc) available as well.

  • http://www.bleuken.com bleuken.com

    I thought google trends is for keywords, i did not know this feature until right now. Thanks.

  • http://homeguide.article-dashboard.com Andrei Ci

    That’s sure a Google reply to Alexa and other sites like that.

    I knew Google started experimantal web features, so called Google labs, but i diddn’t new about that. I wonder what will come next.

    Good stuff!

  • http://www.gogimon.com search agent

    Another very interesting innovation from Google.

    You still need to be wary about Google results as this is all in  google labs. none the less it looks like a good  tool to work with.


  • http://www.lightingsupply.com Commercial Lighting Guy

    Nice if you are looking at top tier sites.  Would be nice to see medium to smaller traffic sites. 

  • http://www.palominosys.com Markus Latzel

    Interesting – if expected. With google analytics being sold to web master in order to track site statistics, google now has at their hands traffic data that Alexa could only dream of.

    Google Trends for web sites is a way to "re-sell" this data to the public. If you do not like sharing your site statistics with the world (and competitors), it’s possibly time to take down google analytics code?

    Wonder what anyone thinks of this?

  • Guest

    Google is looking for the government to split it.  I support that.

    • Guest

      You’re a moron. Go back to your cave.

  • http://www.daytonabeachrentals.us/ Florida Retirement

    I guess Google Trends will have the best data, though i’d like to see alexa’s date options into it.

  • http://www.ehomeguide.org/ eHomeGuide

    Google has also launched Insight for search, and even trends has a wing for searches trends.

    I wonder if the searches for blogs, news, products, … are counted on these trends!?!

  • http://www.m4s73r.com/ Internet Marketing Indonesia

    thanks for your article. Very help me. I will more like visit to webpronews site. :) Fantastic

  • http://www.lowongankerja2009.com/ Lowongan Kerja 2009

    Nice… thanks.. i hope will get hot news from here. Collect all fresh news for my business..

  • http://en.netlog.com/gesachpi/blog/blogid=4568797 Elizabeth Realbuto

    Did Ken Watt actually say if mid 20th century trends persisted, the world would be 11 degrees colder in 2000?

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