Google Total Brings Options To The Masses

    August 8, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The search engine company has a lot to offer its multitude of users. One blogger has crafted a page that combines those options into one page.

A posting on Blog News Channel mentions the appearance of a page called Google Total on Blogspot.

Google Total does with two dropdown boxes what the main Google page provides with various text tabs. Google has made its most popular options available on the home page, with a link to “more >>” provided as an option to find the rest.

The clever Google Total page goes back to some basic HTML and Javascript principles to pull off its presentation. The familiar Google search box rests in the middle of the page. A user can select from 16 options in a dropdown box to its right to specify which part of Google will be searched with the query.

The top right of the Google Total page displays a second Javascript powered dropdown box. From there, options like GMail, Alerts, and Personalized Home can be selected. Pick an option, and the page automatically sends the user there.

According to noted Internet newsletter pioneer (and WebProNews publisher) Rich Ord, research shows users are more likely to favor clicking tab navigation over dropdown boxes. Google probably won’t change its navigation, but Google Total does make for an interesting Google homepage option.

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