Google Tops of Top 50

Not in ad reach though

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For whatever kind of internet list, which company do you think is the odds-on favorite to be at the top of it? If you bet on Google, you’d bet wisely. Google sits at the top of Comscore’s Top 50 Internet properties list, reaching 141.5 million US Internet users out of 189 million counted. But that’s not the interesting part. . .

The interesting part is that, in terms of online advertising reach, Google isn’t top dog, no matter how much Microsoft (and certain AstroTurf organizations) want regulators to think so. A lot of hoopla was made about Google’s arrangement to serve search ads across Yahoo’s network, and about its acquisition of DoubleClick. Microsoft cried so loud about Google’s cornering of the online advertising market that they twice asked antitrust regulators to step in and break it up.

But on Comscore’s list of top advertising properties, ranked by total reach, Google’s Ad Network is third place, reaching 81 percent of US Internet users, and Google.com itself is in ninth, reaching 70 percent. At the top of that list is Platform-A, which reaches 90 percent of the online audience, and then Yahoo Network, ads from which are seen by 85 percent.

Google Ad Network is nearly tied with Specific Media, also reaching 81 percent. Google.com’s 70 percent is edged out by Yahoo’s 73 percent, and by YuMe Video Network’s 72 percent.

YuMe, as mentioned in the footnotes, has an ongoing business relationship with Microsoft. In short, this list shows Google playing second fiddle to a slew of online advertising companies, a Microsoft partner included. True, If Google combined its entire network share with Yahoo, they’d probably reach a hundred percent, and even then, in that completely unlikely scenario, there’d be a host of competition out there.

Add MSN-Windows Live’s 55 percent to YuMe’s and you’ve got a similar scenario of 100 percent reach and then some. Swallowing up Yahoo, as Microsoft once teased about, would be one powerful combination nearing, but not quite equaling the hypothetical Google/Yahoo pairing.

Here’s your top ten ad properties:

1.    Platform-A: 90%
2.    Yahoo Network: 85%
3.    Google Ad Network: 81%
4.    Specific Media: 81%
5.    ValueClick Network: 78%
6.    Tribal Fusion: 75%
7.    Yahoo!: 73%
8.    YuMe Video Network-Media Partners 72%
9.    Google: 72%
10.    adconion media group/Casale Media Network (tie) 69%

Other names on the list you’ll recognize: 24/7 Real Media (16th,  65%), AOL Media Network (17th, 59%), AdBrite (25th, 43%), MySpace (28th, 40%), YouTube (31st, 39%), NNN Total US Newspapers (32nd, 37%), Ask (34th, 31%), MSN.com homepage (35th, 30%), eBay.com (36th, 30%), IAC Ad Solutions (37th, 29%), Amazon.com (40th, 26%), MapQuest (41st, 25%), Facebook, 49th, 21%).

The Top 50 properties in terms of unique visitors are:

  1. Google sites
  2. Yahoo sites
  3. Microsoft sites
  4. AOL
  5. Fox Interactive Media
  6. EBay
  7. Ask
  8. Amazon
  9. Wikipedia
  10. CBS (thanks to CNet acquisition)
  11. Apple Inc.
  12. New York Times Digital
  13. Turner Network
  14. Glam Media
  15. Viacom Digital
  16. Facebook.com
  17. Craigslist
  18. The Weather Channel
  19. Time Warner (non-AOL)
  20. Wal-Mart
  21. Comcast Corp.
  22. Disney Online
  23. Adobe sites
  24. AT&T, Inc.
  25. Target Corp.
  26. Verizon Communications
  27. Gorilla Nation
  28. Superpages.com Network
  29. Yellowpages.com Network
  30. United Online, Inc.
  31. Expedia Inc
  32. Photobucket.com
  33. Bank of America
  34. CareerBuilder
  35. Real.com Network
  36. Demand Media
  37. Shopzilla.com sites
  38. WordPress
  39. Monster Worldwide
  40. Gannett Sites
  41. WhitePages
  42. The Mozilla Organization
  43. ESPN
  44. Weatherbug Property
  45. Travelport
  46. Experian Interactive
  47. Cox Enterprises, Inc.
  48. iVillage.com
  49. Hearst Corporation
  50. WebMD Health


Google Tops of Top 50
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    Very Nice Article – Thanks

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    Hearst Corporation – I’ve never even heard of them!

    Nice article by the way.

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    Yeah, some of then I had never open their URL..

    So many…LOL

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    Great article Jason, some great info about the ad networks.

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    Are these stats worldwide or is US only ?

    • Jason Lee Miller

      Just the US…if worldwide, the total number would be much bigger than 189 million users

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    I would have thought for sure that google would be number in ads.  Who knew?

  • http://clarkcountyexpert.com John, Vancouver WA Homes

    These are impressive numbers for the national scene.  By chance do the Statisticians track this in more detail, such as by region and other demographics? 

  • http://www.homeremedyhaven.com Home Remedies

    I am curious about these numbers. First of all, I did not realize that AOL properties brought so much traffic!

    Second, what is platform A?

  • http://www.ejetgroup.com Guest

    Hearst Corporation – I’ve never even heard of them!

    Nice article by the way.

  • http://www.ejetgroup.com yiwu

    I am curious about these numbers. First of all, I did not realize that AOL properties brought so much traffic!

    Second, what is platform A?

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    Nice article. I am suprised by the amount of traffic that ASK get – where does it come from as I know no one who uses it.

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    Hearst Corporation – I’ve never even heard of them!

    Nice article by the way.

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