Google Tops Among Ron Paul Donors

Tax averse Googlers at work?

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The Texas candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination has amassed plenty of donations for his campaign, with Google topping the list.

Though $22,250 may not sound like a lot of money, among Ron Paul donors it’s the top amount the candidate has received from one source.

However, Google’s place at the top of the OpenSecrets.org list of campaign donors requires a caveat, one that the site lists next to the table of donors:

The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organization’s PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families.

Another technology company rated in the top five of Paul donors. After the US Army and the US Navy, Microsoft contributions added up to $12,863. Networking company Cisco had $8,900 listed too.

Though the technology community, dominated by California’s Silicon Valley, resides in a hotbed of Democratic voters and supporters, Paul’s message has resonated with a few people. A site called the PaulCash Tracker shows his ongoing donations, excerpted from the official candidate site, totaling over $18 million since October 1st.

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Google Tops Among Ron Paul Donors
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  • Brad

    America is being undermined on many fronts. The one most eminent is our Bankruptcy. Fueled by War, Empire Maintenance, and Fallacious Spending of congress; The economic Overtaking of America will not be far off. The effects are just now becoming evident. We will be sold to our enemies rather than forced into submission.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate running for president that has the vision of the founding fathers of this country ingrained in his heart. Core Character Counts. He is the only one in the field that I would trust my money and my family’s safety with.

    The honesty and integrity displayed by Ron Paul coupled with the message he espouses is the glue that binds the support together. The word could not do it alone and this is precisely why the media and the others are baffled. The Ron Paul Supporters Value Substance Over Symbolism. We fully believe that Ron Paul will follow his words as his record shows. He is not as the others with Pandering Platitudes.

    The commonality with all Americans is the Constitution. This is why his support group can not be pigeon holed in to a specific category. We Are Diverse And Many. There is no singular stereotype that even comes close to the specification of the group.

    To help with your education here are some sites I recommend:







    Think For Yourself; Do Not Be Easily Led.

    Views Untested Are Worthless.

    • Guest

      “Think For Yourself; Do Not Be Easily Led.”

      Indeed. Please do think for yourself and look deeper at R. P. He is a racist, anti-woman’s ability to choose, anti-animal welfare, anti-environmental protection. He is NO GOOD for the USA!

      • Jeffrey

        It seems you are twice as stupid as you think Brad is and you’re also immoral.

        Here’s why: you fit the definition of “stupid,” which is “ignorant of your own ignorance.” You present no evidence that RP is racist (I have evidence that he isn’t, in case you’d like to see it), yet you claim that RP is racist based on, I assume, what a friend told you, or what a random blog told you to think. That makes you gullible as well.
        You present no evidence that RP is anti-woman’s ability to choose. I assume you’re referring to his anti-abortion stance, which is base on the argument that abortion is murder, and because murder is not a right, a mother does not have the right to abort. This is not the same as being against a right to choose.
        I see no evidence for your claim that RP is anti-animal welfare.
        There is no evidence that RP is anti-environmental protection.

        Now let me show you why you are immoral: you attack the character of a man without evidence that you are telling the truth. You are essentially creating discord in the world without good reason. You are what rational society looks down upon.

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    Anyone who want’s to eliminate the Federal Reserve is alright in my book.  That alone would save America.

  • http://freewpinstaller.com/ Linwood Aguado

    Thank you Jan I’ll maintain em that way!

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