Google To Hold JavaScript-Centric Hackathon

    February 20, 2008

Food, prizes, and time at the Googleplex are all good things.  So, if Mountain View isn’t inconveniently far away, keep the "Google Developer Hackathon: JavaScript APIs" in mind when you’re making plans for Friday, February 29th.

The better of two options might be a 2 PM to 5:30 PM session – see if your company will pay you to attend, and keep Friday evening to yourself, regardless.  But for everyone who’s going to be stuck at a desk or otherwise occupied, there’s also a 6 PM to 10 PM meeting.  Or, as Ben Lisbakken writes on the Google Code Blog, "You are welcome to stay for both."

Google To Hold JavaScript-Centric Hackathon

Now, to move beyond scheduling and to the true meat of the matter.  Lisbakken states, "Google will be holding a developer hackathon to get you started on our JavaScript APIs.  We will be doing short introductions of the APIs and then breaking up into groups for coding and camaraderie.  There will be plenty of Google engineers present to ask questions and get help from."

This sounds like a good opportunity to collect business cards and email addresses.  And, if only because my lunchtime is just a few minutes away, we mustn’t forget about the aforementioned prizes and food.

RSVPs are required, but should be quick and easy to make.