Google To Get Graced With Queen’s Presence

    September 11, 2008

Loose pets and pieces of candy should be hard to find in Google’s UK headquarters next month.  Any employees who are accustomed to wearing sandals will probably put on real shoes, while "creative" desks may get a thorough cleaning.  And believe it or not, all of this will occur in preparation for a visit from the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II oversaw the establishment of The Royal Channel on YouTube late last year, and this trip – which she asked to have set up – appears to be related.  A spokesperson told Jemima Kiss that the Queen is "very pleased with the popularity of The Royal Channel and the visit is a great way to celebrate that."

Also, "During her reign the Queen has always kept up to date with the latest technology.  The visit to Google is another example and shows how willing she is to embrace new technology and change."

Specific dates or even theoretical activity schedules haven’t been released, but don’t be surprised if Eric Schmidt or Larry and Sergey fly overseas in order to greet Queen Elizabeth.  It’s not every day that a monarch shows interest in their search company.

At the same time, this development might very well have Jerry Yang and Steve Ballmer taking a few Tylenol.