Google Takes Action On More Link Networks

    March 14, 2014
    Chris Crum
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In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Google is going after link networks, and taking action on them frequently. It’s not a good time to be involved with one, especially in Europe.

Matt Cutts said this today on Twitter:

This follows a trend we’ve been seeing throughout the early months of 2014. In January, Cutts said Google was taking action on French link network Buzzea. He also noted that Germany was on the list of places Google was looking at. Then, in February, Google put out its German blog post warning about paid links.

Later in February, Cutts told told Twitter followers that Google was not done with Germany, and also that it had just taken action on two Polish link networks.

Then, as recently as Monday, Cutts tweeted about new warnings for Spanish and Italian sites, implying that these are the new areas of focus. He didn’t call out any specific networks that time.

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  • http://www.bloketoys.co.uk/ BlokeToys.co.uk

    Anyone who remembers what the internet was like before Google understand why Google wants to utterly destroy all link sites and directories. This is how the internet worked back in the day, and it worked pretty well. You’d have a couple of link lists you loved and you’d search them for what you wanted. Google came along and immediately attacked them when it had the power, destroying their primary competition.

    It seems logical that Google will continue to do this until everyone is weaned off of using something that threatens the total dominance of big bad Google.

    • http://idioticG.com HeRobot

      i fully agree, but will ad that Google will make us actual robots too! so, who’ll be left to wonder about anything…? Republican Robots? Nope… already bots.

  • Greg Tyson

    What is not forbidden, now? Paying AdWords?
    Google has gone too far.

  • http://113tidbits.com/ tony greene

    Sounds fine by me..have at it. Take ’em all down.