Google Stuff, Minus The AOL Bit

    December 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

It only seems like the Google deal with AOL was the only thing the search advertising company did this week; this is a quick look at some news out of the Googleplex.

We hope the rest of Google doesn’t feel too neglected this week, as the focus of conversation from the tippity-top of the news media online right down to the smallest of blogs drew heavily upon Time Warner chairman Richard Parsons winning the $1 billion pot in the Texas Hold’Em tourney for his company.

Yes I know everyone says Google won. But who got the billion dollar deal and more ad exposure AND a shot at placing graphical ads in Google’s search results? Uh huh. Victory, thy name is Parsons (“a Mr. Icahn on lines 1, 2, and 3, sir”).

Anyway, many fine and smart people post about their parts of the Google world. Our readers who live in the world of search marketing will be interested in the latest bits from the Inside AdWords blog.

For those who’ve opted to allow themed ad units to be published on their sites, a variety of themed ads have begun showing up in ad blocks. The themes appearing in them, like gift-wrapped presents and polar bears, will be displayed until December 26th.

On the holiday theme, Google searches for terms like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa return themed borders next to the contextual ads appearing in search result pages. The Google logo on the main page has a running theme to it; click on it to see what’s going on.

A recent tweak to the personalization side of Google has yielded Trends. The feature shows logged-in users of Google’s personalized search their “top searches and clicks” plus other information about online activity. Google knows you well, and even more so with Personalized Search.

Developers have tossed out a number of plugins for Google Desktop. A new list of plugins includes the Laundry Timer, because no one should have to wait around the laundry room when they could be in their dorm rooms checking their Gmail account instead.

In closing, the Google Sitemaps team reminds everyone about viewing stats for www versus non-www sites. They recommend adding the www domain to Sitemaps for publishers who have not yet done so, along with other useful tips.

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