Google Stuff Doing Stuff w/ Other Stuff & Other Stuff

    March 9, 2007

What? I had more than one story about integrations and such, and that was easily the worst title I could think of. Who would have thought there was a way to include “stuff” in a title four times, and have it vaguely make sense?

Google Notebook is now integrating with Google Docs, letting you one-click export your entire notebook. Considering that Google is slowly acknowledging it is releasing too many products, and that Yahoo has received criticism for having multiple products with the same function, I could see Google closing Google Notebook eventually. Wouldn’t Notebook serve more of Google’s purposes as a plugin for Google Docs, then as a seperate product? Probably.

You can now send Twitter updates from Google Talk, by sending messages to Frankly, it doesn’t work, since it created a new Twitter account for me, instead of letting me post to my regular Twitter account. I’ll stick with posting through the Twitter Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget. Speaking of which, add me as a friend if you are on Twitter.

Valleywag wonders if Dodgeball is now completely over with Twitter gaining steam. Yeah, probably.

Google has effectively closed the Google Video Blog, telling readers to start relying on the YouTube blog. That’s a shame, since they found some pretty interesting videos, and the YouTube blog ignores Google Video and isn’t updated as often.

Here’s a real shame: Google hasn’t updated Google Trends since November. I liked Google Trends, even if it had many limitations, and I’d hate to see it so neglected. They neglected Google Images for awhile once, and it met with a lot of criticism. I don’t think Google Trends ever had that many loyal users, but it presented a useful peek into the thoughts of the Google-using public.

UPDATE: Oh, and Google Finance now has videos on the front page full of financial news, all from Google Video.

UPDATE 2: Google Finance also added data on extended hours trading. Good for them.


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