Google Stresses Speed Yet Again with New Tool

    December 9, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has launched a new extension for its Chrome browser, which lets developers identify performance problems with their web apps. This may be an increasingly important issue if Google starts counting speed as a ranking factor in search results.

The tool is called Speed Tracer, and it uses a "sluggishness graph" combined with other metrics to help pinpoint the problems that are slowing web apps down. Engineering Director Bruce Johnson explains:

In the spirit of clean, simple design, developers need only look at the Y-Axis of their application’s Sluggishness Graph to see how they’re doing:

    * If the y-axis is close to zero, then the app is fast
    * If the y-axis registers around 100%, then the app is, well, sluggish

And in either case, Speed Tracer provides lots of additional data to help diagnose any particular performance issue

Following is a tutorial for the tool:

A longer video of Speed Tracer being discussed at Google’s Campfire One event can be viewed below:

"We think developers will find that Speed Tracer looks under the covers of web applications like never before," says Johnson. "In fact, we even used Speed Tracer to optimize the performance of Speed Tracer itself!"

Google has been on a real speed kick as of late. For some other examples of what I’m talking about, just follow the related articles below.

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