Google Street View Gains Six New Cities

    October 9, 2007

Street View is one of Google’s most popular programs, and it just got a lot more inclusive.  Users can now take a virtual stroll through Chicago, Pittsburgh, Portland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tucson, which brings the total number of Street View cities up to 15.

Google Street View Gains Six New Cities
Google Street View Gains Six New Cities

The hunt for embarrassing or interesting photos has already begun.  So have the related complaints about a loss of privacy.  This, at least, is stuff we’ve seen before and could have predicted.  Yet the quality of certain pictures is new – Stephane Lafon, a software engineer with Google Maps, revealed, “[T]he images in Phoenix, Tucson and parts of Chicago are all in high resolution.”

Lafon then continued, “Ever wish you could pan up to the very top of a 50-story skyscraper using Street View?  Well, prepare yourself for some serious sightseeing; we’ve introduced the ability to pan up in most new cities.”  This may not have a lot of practical benefits, but a picture of the Sears Tower is quite stunning.

So keep an eye open for worthwhile scenes, and also stay on the lookout for Street Views of Canada and England – after seeing developments related to the former, and an actual Google camera car in the latter, it’s a good bet there are pictures, too.