Google Street View Explores 8 More Cities

    December 11, 2007

Google Street View hasn’t gotten too many of my minutes, but I’m more than ready to admit that it’s a neat program.  And it’s just gotten bigger and better with the addition of 8 more cities.

Google Street View Explores 8 More Cities Camera-equipped Beetles made their way through Boston, Providence, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Detroit, Fort Worth, and Dallas, judging by the list Andrew Lookingbill provided.  On the LatLong Blog, he also wrote, “Do some sightseeing, and check out views of places like the Zakim bridge in Boston.”

Many of us will do just that.  Still, this development brings the total number of cities covered by Street View up to 23; it’s beginning to look like more like a tool and less like a toy.

Privacy issues could, of course, slow things down – many Europeans will get their faces and license plates blurred or otherwise blocked, and Americans might ask – or sue – to receive the same treatment.  No one seems to be in much of a rush to take those steps, however, so we’ll hopefully continue see a steady release of new cities.

Lookingbill did not, by the way, provide any hints as to where Street View will next show up.