Google Sightseeing UK Launches

    June 24, 2005

It’s becoming plain to see that one of the best “toys” to hit the Internet in sometime is satellite capability of Google Maps. Since the Keyhole technology has been integrated, a number of sites and hacks have been developed to take advantage of the satellite images.

One of the more popular site dedicated to Google Maps is the Google Sightseeing blog. The purpose of this site is a place where people can submit their interesting map findings and have them posted for all to see. There have been some incredible representations discovered by those who contribute (the Incredibly Long Trains entry might be my favorite).

Google Sightseeing UK Launches

Now there’s another Google Sightseeing site, called Google Sightseeing UK, with this particular personification focusing on the highlights and scenes of the United Kingdom. As expected, this UK-only version scrapes their images from the UK version of Google Maps .

To demonstrate Google Sightseeing UK’s inventory, we are featuring a couple of listings included on their site:

Birmingham International Airport and the NEC
London Eye
Wembley Stadium
Tower of London

Please visit their site for more impressive scenery originating in the UK.

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