Google Searching For TV Reps

    September 5, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s desire for more office space in the Big Apple could be connected to their aspirations in the television advertising market.

If Google wants to be a TV ad power, they have to make their presence felt on Madison Avenue, and not just on the computer screens of everyone doing a search.

Their quest for additional quarters in the tight real estate market that is New York City has been very fruitful. As our Doug Caverly noted, Google has around 500,000 square feet of prime Manhattan office space.

All that space just happens to rest on a huge fiber optic network. It would be a perfect starting point to push video in the form of advertisements out to wherever Google wants it to go.

They have to sell advertisers on the virtues of Google TV. Doing so will be the job of account representatives they have advertised for on MediaBistro.

“The Google TV group that operates within Sales represents a relatively new initiative for Google, so the department and every job in it will continue to evolve and define itself,” the job description reads, as the company looks for people to deal with “top-tier TV advertisers.”

We wanted to find out more about Google’s TV desires, but alas, they did not respond to a request for comment.