Google Rolls Out Red Carpet For Convention Bloggers

    August 19, 2008

Google is helping to set up an 8,000 square-foot headquarters for bloggers attending the Democratic convention in Denver next week and will provide similar services at the Republican convention in September.

The Big Tent

Google is a sponsor of the "Big Tent" blogger facility at the Democratic convention and is expecting around 500 bloggers that paid $100 each for access to the facility.  They will have access to Google software and services along with a public kiosk where videos can be uploaded to YouTube.

Google will also demo new tools, including a search function on YouTube that will provide real-time keyword searches of the convention speech videos.

Along with Internet access, workspaces and couches in the "Big Tent" headquarters, bloggers will also be provided food and beverages and Google sponsored massages.

Google is providing similar conveniences for bloggers who attend the Republican convention in St.Paul, Minnesota.

"It’s an amazing opportunity for us. You don’t get all these people in one place but every four years," Robert Boorstin, director of corporate and policy communications in Google’s Washington office told the WSJ.