Google Rings Up Mobile Blogging

    March 10, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Google has been busy paving roads from the PC to the mobile phone. The most recent collaboration came from a partnership with Sony Ericsson to pre-load Google’s Blogger and Web Search features on three new lines of handsets. The companies say they are the first to provide a pre-loaded blog application.

The mobile blogging functions are designed to incorporate the handsets’ mobile camera and also provide an “intuitive” automatic setup for consumers who do not already have a personal blog.

Blogger will be pre-loaded on Sony Ericsson models K610 UMTS, the K800 and K790, and made available in the second quarter of 2006.

“We are seeing exponential growth in blogging and consumers are turning more and more often to the Internet as a means of sharing information or images in personal blogs,” said Jan Wreby, Corporate Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sony Ericsson.

Along with Sony Ericsson, Google has also struck a deal with BenQ Mobile to provide pre-loaded Web Search functions, including Google News. A special Google Web Search option can be activated from any page without launching a new web page.

“Today’s tech-savvy consumers are becoming increasingly more mobile and demand access to information on-the-go, whether it’s the latest news headlines or directions to a favorite restaurant,” said Nikesh Arora, vice president, European Operations, Google Inc.

In related news, Toshiba last month developed a mobile phone technology that scans product bar codes using a camera phone function and then collects information from the blogosphere to return a near-instantaneous positive or negative product rating. Toshiba will be testing the product in Japanese stores in March.

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