Google Responds To Staff Departures

    May 8, 2008

Since Google has won all sorts of "best workplace" awards, it at first seemed unusual when high-level employees would leave.  The trend turned weird, then worrisome, as it continued.  But Google’s maintaining that its operations haven’t been hurt in the least.

 Googleplex Losing Its Appeal?

"We have a deep management pool at Google," explained spokesman Matt Furman to the BBC.  After all, if seniority’s an issue, the search giant is famous for having stock-option millionaires at a good number of its workstations.  And in more of a taking-up-space sense, a handful of names don’t count for much at a company with over 16,000 employees.

Furman later mentioned that Google receives around 1,300 resumes per day.  This, too, makes replacing anyone seem extraordinarily easy.

Still, there are some facts that can’t be dismissed.  It’s not as if Google is trying to get its execs to quit – there’s a process called "firing" that’s quicker.  Furthermore, the company’s spent about nine months looking for someone to replace CFO George Reyes, so at least a few employees can’t be swapped out like Lego pieces.

The Googleplex isn’t, and never will be, near empty.  Yet at least as a matter of image, Google might want to try to do something about retaining top-level employees.