Google readying new childcare center

    November 16, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Could it be time to buy more stock in Lego?

Eighty tiny Googler offspring will have a new two-story center to spend the day in while Mom and/or Dad cranks out that 20 percent time project they really want to finish.

Google may have to tap their pals at Apple for a little design help. That famed Google minimalism with its products isn’t as appealing when applied to architecture:

Though largely impressed with plans for the 18,500 square-foot Bayshore Children’s Center, members of Palo Alto’s Architectural Review Board said they hope the building when redone would be more colorful and playful than what Google’s design shows, criticism the Mountain View-based search engine giant, known for its creative work style, probably isn’t used to.

We’re not sure when Google became such an acclaimed visual designer (hey Board members, you have seen Google’s default home page, right?) but a few thousand Lego bricks should go some way toward adding color to the facility. Not to mention giving Larry Page and Sergey Brin something to do when they visit.

Via Mercury News