Google Reader Gets Blogged

    October 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The team behind Google’s new RSS feed reader have carved out a bit of space at Blogger to introduce themselves and discuss the Google Reader.

Chris Wetherell prodded the Google Reader team to contribute to the start of the Official Google Reaader Blog.

First post! Everyone from the Google Reader team would like to say hello. (Say hello, everyone.)

(Everyone looks up while still typing.) “Hello, internet.”

The launch has been a busy time for the group. Wetherell noted the Reader, like other Google products, followed a typical release cycle: speculation, deluge, feature requests.

The blog also gives an insight into a Google technology called BigTable, a system for storing and managing lage amounts of unstructured data, like RSS feeds. Google’s Jeff Dean spoke to a university audience about the system, and one attendee, Andrew Hitchcock, summarized:

BigTable has been in development since early 2004 and has been in active use for about eight months (about February 2005). There are currently around 100 cells for services such as Print, Search History, Maps, and Orkut. Following Google’s philosophy, BigTable was an in-house development designed to run on commodity hardware. BigTable allows Google to have a very small incremental cost for new services and expanded computing power (they don’t have to buy a license for every machine, for example).

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