Google Panda Update: Not In 2012 To Date [Exclusive]

    January 6, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google was nice enough to let the world know in early December that there would be no Panda updates for the rest of 2011.

Having faced backlash from webmasters over previous pre-holiday algorithm changes, namely the Florida update, Google has been pretty good in recent years not to launch major updates that could impact holiday sales for e-commerce sites relying on Google for traffic.

But the holidays are over, and we’re probably due for a new Panda update soon. Google has said when there will be another one, but a spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews that there has not been one in 2012 so far.

Rumors have been going around that there may have been one, but according to Google, that is not the case.

So, if you’re experiencing some trouble with your Google rankings, its likely more due to another recent algorithm change. As you may know, Google makes nearly 500 changes a year – sometimes more than one in a day. Most don’t have as big of an impact as Panda, but there is always the possibility that one will impact your site.

This week, Google revealed 21 previously unannounced changes that were made in December. Take a look at those if you haven’t yet.

  • nobody

    The results are getting spammier every day. I wonder when they’ll do a massive Panda update again?

    They seem the same results as of 28 September 2011..

  • http://www.PlacesToEatOkay.com Steve G

    There are many other factors that contribute to any drop or rise in traffic and income. But none so far have been so disruptive than that of Panda and it’s updates. When advertisers saw their paid traffic numbers drop drastically, they needed a plan to make up for that loss in traffic they were seeing, and so a lot of advertisers simply moved their campaigns to Adsense search ads to make up for the loss in traffic their sites were getting. After all, why not place ads on sites that perform rather than sites that don’t? So you end up with advertisers moving more towards search ads. Well for the Adsense publisher that means as far as ads go, we all end up with lower paying advertisers who’s ads are of lower quality and thus perform bad as far as attracting clicks. It’s very ironic how if you compare previous years, say as far back as 2009, you can see growth both for Google’s own website earnings in regards to Adsense and also that of it’s 3rd party publisher network, but right after Panda there was a 3rd party publisher decline in earnings, while Google’s own sites continued to show growth. Regardless if it was the intention of Google to cause this on purpose, you can’t deny it’s happening anymore, and very soon neither will Google when the FTC asks them to explain how they can continue to show growth while their Adsense publishers have suddenly started to show decline. When a company can regulate it’s own market and compete against it’s publishers and there is a 68% increase in profitability up for grabs (how much Google pays it’s Adsense publishers), there is clear incentive for Google to grab up as much traffic away from those sites that it was supporting for free for so very long. We all helped Google rise to fame because they were partnering up with us to make the world better, or so they told us. Regardless if you believe that or not, now they want to control everything and take traffic away from hard working publishers simply because they are in a position to and there is a huge profit margin to gain with the more traffic they can get to one of their own sites over that of a 3rd party publisher. Also, keep in mind that not every website uses Adsense on their site. So in some cases they are simply competing to capture any income they can because they’ll never make a dime off traffic going to a site without Adsense ads. What makes this very hard to see for some publishers as the truth is that their websites did not see any traffic drops due to Panda or it’s updates, but they are still seeing lower performance of ads and lower ad prices. They simply fail to realize that advertisers are jumping ship not because of their site’s performance, but of that of the entire 3rd party Adsense publishing network, and moving towards search ads which are the only real steady source of traffic for Adwords advertisers these days.

  • http://www.epromozone.com/ aishalal

    Each of us expects major updates in 2012, nobody knows what’s going to happen next in the Google panda update. we all know Google is governing control over it to give surprises to users, how we consider it as an ethical approach by Google, they are banning others for the same thing.

  • http://www.nonar.com Nonar

    ( consider other updates )
    What about the websites affected by google panda from the last updates!
    So will ask Google to be nice for the one fix the errors in his website and to back in the search engines ranking.

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    I have noticed significant change in rankings but fortunately its positive for me. My website now ranks #2 in Google for its main keyword and trust me I had not done any thing special for this. This might be due the changes by Google. However Not sure :)

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